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Life is beautiful :)

Inspiration from David Goggins


I was just a scared kid that found driving passion to be suddenly much better than what he thought he was

We read a bunch of books nowadays as humans we want to find out how to be someone else

What we don’t do is we don’t go inside

so literally turn yourself inside out

read the book says like we’re writing a book everyday for lives but we never read that book

You have to look inside of yourself and see what you really want
What are you passion about

We live in external world
Everything is you got to see it
Touch it is external

If you can for the rest of your life live
Inside of yourself

And journey start with you
Finding why the hell am I here on this planet earth
Why am I here?

The only way you’re ever going to get to the other side of this journey is
You have got to suffer to grow.
To grow you must suffer somewhere in their life

There a the point where they had a decision to make
They can go left or right on this path left
Left was the easy route
Right was a hard route
A lot of people take easy route
And they had a good life that way

But the better life was going to the right side
And you may have 20 years of pain and suffering to get past it
But lot of us died never truly starting our journey

If you don’t know that you will live the rest of your life searching always asking the question why
You have to believe in one thing that is yourself

Right now for you to find greatness in yourself

You’re not going to find it by looking in a book

Or by even hearing me
I may give you the spark but you’ve got to go inside to find it and that means

You’re going to be quiet
Shut the fuck up go in room search your soul search your mind
Search your abilities and you’ll find it

After listening what he said,

I realized I am the one who search on books and from people the answer I want to know

I don't need to find the answer but need to make it on my own

and have to connect myself








If you want to go fast, go alone

If you want to go far, go together